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Get unique assets for your game, for the same price that everyone gets the same asset in the Store.

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What can you expect?

Fully modular characters, lots of animations, plenty of blendshapes and locations, in different eras.


Be prepared to receive assets like a kid in a toy store. Mix-and-match anything.


All characters come with a rich set of blendshapes on different parts of the body.


Ask for those unique little details your game needs to express itself and nobody makes.

The real deal

Game design content on the Internet is written by people in their ivory towers or, worse, by ChatGPT.

Actual games, Genuine tips

Join me in creating different games that apply the design rules to see the before and after from the indie perspective.

Entire indie worlds

Did I mention that the worlds are also modular? Did I mention that nobody ever gets the same thing?


We offer a plan for every need. You can start with the free plan and upgrade whenever you need more features.